National Institute of Bank Management


(Banking & Financial Services)
AICTE Approved

Anti Ragging


Compliance of Anti-Ragging Regulations          



New Delhi


Dated 01-07-2009


Sub: Prevention and prohibition of Ragging in technical Institutions, Universities including Deemed to be Universities imparting technical education.


Students will not initiate/participate/promote individually or in group any kind of ragging. This is as per the rules and regulations framed by AICTE which have been notified vide F.No.37-3/Legal/AICTE/2009 (available on AICTE web portal Student indulging in such activity would attract legal action.


In case of any harassment/ragging students should report to the Anti-Ragging Committee Covenor or any other official designated for the same. Serious action as below will be taken in case of undisciplined behaviour, harassment to hostel inmates found in and outside the institute campus:

(a)   A penalty/fine payment from Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 1 lakh
(b)   Withholding scholarships/fellowships or similar benefits
(c)   Barring the student from taking the examinations
(d)   Barring the student from participating in local/national/international competitions/youth festivals/seminars
(e)   Expelling the student from the hostel
(f)   Cancellation of the admission.
(g)   Debarring the student from taking admission in any other educational institute for a definite period.

After the admissions, student will be advised to visit the following site:
w to submit anti-ragging affidavits online.


Grievance Redress Mechanism for Students

        The Institute has a Grievance Redress Committee to prevent unfair practices and to provide a mechanism to students for redress of their grievances. The Grievance Redress Committee comprise the following:
1.  Dr K Ramesha – Convenor
2.  Dr K Srinivasa Rao
3.  Dr Alka Vaidya
4.  Lt. Col. Ranvir Singh (Retd)

Anti-ragging Squad
1. Shri D K Sawant – Convenor & Warden (Boys)
2. Mrs Genevive D’Souza, Warden (Girls)
3. Mr. Chandrachur Roy, Student
4. Ms Ayushee Agarwal, Student

Committee for SC/ST
1. Dr M Manickaraj – Convenor
2. Dr Richa Verma Bajaj
3. Dr Gargi Sanati
4. Lt. Col. Ranvir Singh (Retd)
5. Mr. Mohammad Uzair, Student
Students’ Counsellor
1. Dr Deepa Mazumdar
2. Dr K Ramesha
Local Guardian
1. Dr K Ramesha
2. Dr Sarita Bhatnagar
3. Dr Elizabeth James


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