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The student community is culturally diverse and they together form a very vibrant group who engage themselves in various extra-curricular activities to enable them to attain meaningful goals besides their studies. Students have organized cultural events during Teacher's Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri and Christmas. There are very active student committees for academics, sports, computers, newsletter, alumni, mess and for placement matters. Annual sports events such s badminton and tennis tournaments are held where students compete individually and in teams. These activities not only sharpen organizing skills among student fraternity, but also contribute to their personality development.

NIBM, the think tank of the Indian banking industry brings to you, Colloquium 2023 - 'The New Horizon of Banking: Business Opportunities in VUCA world', organised by Spectra - The Fest Committee of NIBM. Colloquium, an annual academic college fest, is orchestrated by the PGDM students of NIBM. The event is a dynamic fusion of insightful panel discussions, enlightening keynote sessions and captivating competitions. Our panels feature the best minds from industry, while the competitions welcome students from diverse B-Schools across India.

The chosen theme of the event reflects the current state of the Indian economy, banking, and financial markets. We are witnessing a rise in inflation and a growing current account deficit, both of which raise apprehensions in these domains. The VUCA world brings forth both obstacles and avenues for banks. Survival and success in this swiftly evolving landscape is not easy as it demands financial institutions to adopt digital transformation, elevate customer experience, establish strategic collaborations, prioritize cybersecurity, imbibe sustainability, and cultivate an adaptive organizational ethos. In embracing these strategies, banks can establish themselves as pioneering leaders in the financial sector and build a resilient future in the new horizon of banking...(Read more)

Konsult, the newly established Consulting Club Of NIBM, wishes to leverage the pre-existing consulting synergy of NIBM, and equip students with Skills, Connections and Problem Solving acumen required to thrive in the consulting world.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India founded in 2008 by the BCCI, or Board of Cricket Control in India.

The IPL's business model revolves around the Twenty20 Tournament format, Player Acquisition, Squad Composition, Salaries, Match Rules, Prize Money, Teams, Sponsorship, Brand Value, Broadcasting, and the IPL Governing Council.

In this post, we will delve deep into how the IPL and the franchises generates revenue.

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Techniques which are implemented in reality are those which are flawless.

The Six sigma is a technique which was used by the Ford Motor Company.

The Ford Motor Company is one of America’s, and the world’s, largest and most successful automakers.

Here are the few problems which were resolved using the six sigma technique by the Ford Motor Company.

Chinese companies are known for their copycat strategies but WeChat is different due to its superior user experience, simplicity and innovative solutions. It is one of the world's first #SuperApps used by over 800 million users in China. Interestingly its features are now being copied by its western counterparts.
Let's understand the secret of #WeChat.

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It is an initiative by the PGDM students of National Institute of Bank Management, Pune, an autonomous apex institute set up by RBI, to present and share well-researched insights and informed views on the economy, banking industry, Industry analysis and financial issues pertaining to India and the world in general. We sincerely hope that this initiative will add value to the viewers and benefit you in the long run. For more information on NIBM, please visit site us at or

First, we had grumbling cab drivers displeased with the rising prices of petrol and diesel, who put all the blame on the government and politicians with very little awareness of the current macro-economic scenario. This grumbling is moving into our kitchens with the rising edible oil prices. So if you want to make your moms aware of the causes of this price rise and save yourself from irrational grumbling, read the article on the ongoing Palm Oil Crisis.

VittNivesh is the investment club of NIBM, Pune. The club is an epicentre of a variety of investment analysis and management activities. The foundational objective of the club is the creation and management of a student-driven fund that has investments in a number of asset classes and brings in respectable returns to the investors. VittNivesh also has initiatives in place that cater to various domains of finance specifically investment and asset management. These initiatives include interactive social media posts, articles, blog posts, etc. on various topics of finance.

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India’s central bank has announced cardless cash withdrawals at ATMs in the country. The feature will let consumers use Unified Payment Interface (UPI) on their smartphones to withdraw cash from ATMs. All ATMs across the country must enable this feature in their cash-dispensing machines. So, ATMs are expected to show an option for withdrawing cash using UPI. According to the RBI Governor, cardless cash withdrawals will enhance security of cash withdrawal transactions. Besides, it would help prevent frauds like card skimming and card cloning.
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Pump-and-dump is a form of financial fraud that encourages investors to buy shares in a company to artificially boost the price of a stock through recommendations based on false or misleading information. Pump-and-dump traders use social media platforms to start rumours, spread misinformation, or hype to increase interest in the security to increase its price. When the price of the stock has been raised, the promoters sell the stock at high prices this leaving investors at a loss.

Credits: Akshat Chattar and Ankita Ranka

Covid-19 has drastically changed the way we avail financial services. The demand for Small ticket loans by two to seven times driven by Job losses and salary cuts, unexpected medical emergencies, etc.
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